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The Top 5 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Instagram Ambassador and Influencer

Everyone knows that Influencers and Ambassadors are a big part of social media. Do you ever wonder, how do I become an Influencer and Ambassador? You know you’ve got what it takes to do what all of those other people are doing! Here are the top 5 ways to break into this elusive industry that everyone is always talking about.

Number One: Keep it Consistent

The look of your content (pictures, videos, text and voice) should all be unified. People in the industry call this a “niche”. A niche is simply a narrowed in topic or category of interest(s) that you choose to focus your page on. If you like talking about fashion, that’s your niche.  Maybe you enjoy talking about photography, and that is your niche. Whatever your content focuses on, you should keep it consistent throughout. In addition, the look and feel of your page (the design theme) should reflect that same consistency.

Number Two: Always be True to Yourself

Creating great, consistent content can be very time consuming. You have to love what you are doing, posting, and sharing with your followers or it’s going to get old, and really fast. And not only that, people aren’t going to be “buying what you’re selling”. Authenticity is always the most important rule in becoming an influencer on any social media site. You must have a passion and interest in what you’re talking about or people will sense that you’re talking out of your a**. Not only that, you’re also going to get bored of it really quickly. Real followers on social media, don’t always want to see you posting #ad about EVERYTHING. Snooze, unfollow. People want to see a real person, sharing real things not just promoting something. Make sure to have a mix of real life and promotion.

Number Three: Collaborate and then Collaborate Some More

Nobody gets ahead in the social media industry without collaborating with other people. There will be other people talking about the same kinds of topics and things that you post about. It is important and vital to reach out to these people and companies, and see if you both can mutually benefit from talking about and working with one another. If you are posted, or reposted about on a profile that has many followers, you will very likely benefit from and gain many new and interested followers.

Number Four: Understand the Guidelines and Rules

  • Always be polite. If you want people to become followers and want to work with you, you’re going to need to be professional, polite and honest.
  • Not all collaborations are the same. You must reach out to people and businesses and discuss possibilities and ideas for how you can both benefit from a potential relationship. Different companies expect different things from the influencers they work with.
  • Don’t buy followers. There are many tools businesses use that can audit and know about your authenticity. Instagram has different profiles and tools for businesses and influencers that shows real data about your followers.

Number Five:  Keep Going

There’s an old saying, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. And the same is true for Instagram Ambassadors and Influencers. You need to be loving what you are doing if you want to get ahead on social media as an Ambassador/Influencer or in any other thing you do in life. You’ve got to keep your head up. Quitters never win!


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